The Blank’s Living Room Series

Thanks to The Athena Project, this summer I had the extremely good fortune to work on THE SNAKE GOD OF FIJI (A HEDDA GABLER PREQUEL) with dramaturge Penny Cole. I now have the additional good fortune of presenting the new draft as a part of The Blank’s Living Room Series, which–thanks to the pandemic–will be coming to your devices on October 19th!

Directed by Desiree York, the reading features actors Luke Rampersad, Jully Lee, Samantha Rund, Anisha Adusumilli, and Peter Pasco. Lauren Campedelli serves as Creative Producer, and Chris Raymond and Bree Pavey from The Blank are making it all happen virtually.

Register for a passcode and you’ll receive a link to view the play anytime between 8 PM Pacific on October 19th and 10 PM Pacific on October 22nd. I began writing this play in 2017 with The Vagrancy, and it’s been great to be able to continue its development while I’ve been stuck at home this summer. Turns out a mental jaunt to 19th-century Norway is a great break from smoke-filled Los Angeles of 2020!