For the past year, I’ve been working on a new play with the playwriting group at The Vagrancy. It’s about friendship and marine biology, and there’s going to be a reading of it this weekend at The Vagrancy’s new play reading festival, Blossoming. Details below!

The Ocean Deep Poster


By Katherine Vondy

Directed by Miranda Stewart.

A staged reading featuring Marina Libel, Susan-Kate Heaney, Cassidy Davis, Nicolette Acosta, Annalyn Frame, Anika Vaughn, Katherine Flannery and Danielle Gonzalez.

Synopsis: Doris, a marine biologist, is struggling to start a new research project—until her best friend Marie shows up for an unexpected visit. With Marie’s help, Doris begins to concentrate her work on one of the most interesting specimens in her lab. But with her attention focused on the secrets of her prized dragonfish, Doris fails to realize that Marie has a number of dark secrets of her own. And as these secrets break down the boundaries between who is being studied and who is doing the studying, Doris and Marie start to realize the specimen that’s truly under the microscope is their friendship.

Tickets are Pay What You Can. Cash and CC accepted.

I’m really excited about this play in general, and even moreso about this reading of it, since it will showcase some kickass actors. Hope to see you there!